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Jun 27, 2019

*If you havn't listened to the rest of the series you will probably want to go back to episode 1 1.5 or 4 if you really wanna skip all the beginning stuff.
**But it's good stuff, we swear!

.ZeroStar is an Actual Play podcast during which we play "Uncharted Worlds" by Sean Gomes.

Vinyl Flyaway is played by Matty Mcmanee

Nyx Nedra is played by Samantha Odber

Kaze  is played by Thomas Degroot

Cpt, Rust Duckers is played by Jake Degroot

& your host is Paul Courvoisier

Our story is set almost 2000 years after Earth's sun meets a catastrophic end...

This episode features the music of the outstanding Odd Chap!
You can find his music here;