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Mar 21, 2019

...After a narrow escape from the Sirensong the crew of the Mary Shelley recuperate and try to get answers from their hostages one way or another...

Welcome to .ZeroStar, an Actual Play, Sci-fi podcast where we play "Uncharted Worlds" by Sean Gomes and try not to go too off the rails as we do so.
Our story is set nearly 2000 years in the future after Earth's sun has met an early end forcing humanity to redistribute themselves among the most fertile array of heavenly bodies they could find...

Vinyl Flyaway is played by Matty McManee

Nyx Nedra is played by Samantha Odber

Kaze is played by Thomas Degroot

Capt. Rust Duckers is played by Jake Degroot

& hosted by Paul Courvoisier