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Dec 20, 2019

Do not attempt to adjust your audio device, this may not be our usual program, but we promise you a tale that will bring you to the edge of your seat... This is a broadcast from the "PayneHorne"

Recorded back in 2017
9 Canadians play "Dread" by the fireside during the cold Ontarian winter.
4 of those Canadians play stage magicians in the late 1800's & the other 4 play as those magicians assistants guided by our ghoulish cemetery Star Gazer....
Our cast has familiar voices & many new ones, so pay close attention Travellers, we are joined by;
Andrew Bubar & his assistant Ingrid Ng
Samuel (Samantha Odber) & his(her) assistant Danielle Séguin
Matty McManee & his assistant Kristi Vardy-Roy
Trevor James Cresswell & his assistant Rebecca Pilgrim

For this evening our story was guided by the rules of "Dread" a horror based RPG. Focusing on a story told over a tower of wooden bricks & not for the faint of heart...
You can find out more about it here;

Music contained within this work has be slightly modified to fit themes and timing, these songs include;

"Spooky Scary Skeletons" (Piano Version) -Andrew Cover by myuu
Myuu – Spooky-scary-skeletons-piano-version-andrew-gold-cover
"Ghost Town" by myuu
Myuu – Ghost-town
"Grotesque Fantasia" by myuu
Myuu – Grotesque-fantasia

Ambient Music was created by myself using a wonderful service at
Including tracks;

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